Buckeye Community Hope Foundation’s Writing Challenge

There are still 4 more weeks for you to get your students involved in the annual Buckeye Community Hope Foundation’s Writing Challenge.  Cash prizes and trophies are available for our top scoring writing projects. 

The deadline for all projects is March 15th by midnight.  All submissions are submitted electronically—be sure to plan for snow days, ice days, cold days, etc.! 

This contest is open to any Buckeye Community Hope Foundation sponsored school.  Each school is permitted to send their top scoring writing project at each grade band (3-5; 6-8; 9-12).  Specific directions about submission are included in the attached packet originally sent out in November 2018. 


Here are some ideas about how you might approach these last 4 weeks before the March 15th deadline:


February 14-15:  Prepare for the writing unit and decide which grades/classes will participate

February 19-22:  Introduce writing prompts to students and have them brainstorm ideas for their writings.  Show students the rubric for their grade level available on the ODE website. 

February 25-March 1:  Drafting week!  Direct instruction about the structure of the essay, citing specific details, organization.  During the drafting week, students can conference with each other to help critique each other’s essays for refinement.

March 4-8:  Final copy week!  Students should be preparing their final versions of their writings. 

March 11-14:  Select the top scoring papers in your building.  Celebrate everyone who participated, have students present their writings, etc. 


Please email  if you have any questions.    Keep on writing!! 


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