Building Aztec Pyramids

In fifth grade socials studies we were learning about the Aztec Civilization. One of the things we learned was how important the pyramids were to that civilization. The students learned how they constructed their pyramids, what they looked like when they were finished, and what they were used for when they completed building the pyramid. So after the students studied, they had the opportunity to build their own pyramids. We used materials that would challenge the students to come up with a pyramid design. The Aztecs did not have the modern conveniences to help them build their pyramids so our materials that we used were a way to challenge them in building there pyramids. The materials used were Popsicle sticks, gum drops, marshmallows, toothpicks, candy corn, and a Styrofoam cup to construct their pyramid. The students created some objects that looked like a pyramid and some that went a little out of the box in their design.


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