Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown participated with 9 students in this year’s CONSEF science fair. Consef is open to all public schools in the Midwest and it was a good opportunity for the students to share their abilities and talents with others with this unique platform. Students have masterfully created their own science tri-fold board illustrating how the scientific method was used to test their hypothesis. There were around 500 projects on display and students presented their projects to three judges. We beleive that Science Fair is one of the best experiences a student can undertake and this organization was a great way for students to become more knowledgeable about their researches and presentation skills. We also would like to thank all of our students for their hard working and we appreciated our parents for their supports.

Aeryonne Hawkins GOLD
Samira Shavkatova SILVER
Maya Akhmedova SILVER
Janan Shavkatova SILVER
Elvira Radzhabova SILVER
Gullar Aslanova BRONZ
Sevda Ismailova BRONZ
Yousif Ahmed HONORABLE
Larone Bonner HONORABLE

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