Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown is a public charter school that provides its students with an innovative world class education. The curriculum is rich in math, science and technology, and is focused on preparing students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers, and ethical leaders and skill-ready for post-secondary education to meet the challenges of a competitive global workforce.

Walk through the doors of our school and you will feel a palpable sense of something unique and strong.  Students’ faces of all nationalities, races, economic backgrounds and scholastic levels exude unspoken confidence.  Hallways buzz with excitement and the moment you are introduced to the students and faculty, it becomes clear that this is a school that changes lives.

We have a culture built on a common set of values and student, teacher, and parent accountability.Our high expectations result in high levels of student achievement.

There is a sense of teamwork involving everyone from parents, administrators, businesses and bus drivers.  Everyone is working toward a single goal; student achievement. Our teachers have a thirst for teaching and students develop a thirst for learning. Uncertain futures brim with unlimited opportunity in our school.  Our students sparkle when talking about their school, their successes and their future.

Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown is managed by Concept Schools, NFP. Concept Schools is a not-for-profit charter management organization that manages high quality charters in the Midwest. All Concept managed schools implement the school design created by Concept in 1999. Concept managed schools are very successful and they build strong reputations for being effective learning environments in a very short time.  For more information about Concept Schools, please visit www.conceptschools.org

Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown has a Board of Directors that is independent of Concept Schools. The Board of Directors of HSA Dayton Downtown is the charter holder and has the ultimate responsibility and accountability to our sponsor/authorizer. The Board governs and oversees all operations of HSA Dayton Downtown. The Board of Directors of HSA Dayton Downtown is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are committed to improving high quality public education choices in our community.

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