Winter Camp

CYSP students attended leadership camp on December 1st-3rd. 8 students participated and they did well at the camp. YMCA Camp Wilson hosted 141 students and 35 chaperons. YMCA offers many wonderful activities that students can use them in real life. For instance, each meal time, all students tried not to waste any food. They cleaned their tables and swept floor. YMCA staff was very professional and kids followed their directions. There were seven classes:

1) Horse sense,

 2) Unsolved mysteries,

3) Climbing wall

4) Team challenge

5) Archery

6) Instincts

7) Survival Skills.


Some of the activities teach students how to deal with problems in real life and how you can help your team. After classes were over, two more things: The beast and camping fire. Finally, camping fire. Story time and great performance.. Next camp is on April 27, 2018. I am looking forward to having this camp.