Brief Information on Concept Schools

Concept Schools manages 30 charter schools in seven different states:  Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.  All the schools implement the same model, which is college prep focusing on math, science, and technology in an environment with high standards and expectations.  All of these schools reside in an urban setting, and all schools have a 100% college acceptance rate.  In these schools, populations of students who come from economically disadvantaged families vary from 60% to 99%, while 80% of their graduates are first college generations in their families.

Concept’s story is a living example of how dreams may come true. . . not only the dreams of Mr. Taner  Ertekin (a Turkish American educator-  founder of Concept School), but also many students, parents  and teachers who currently are a part of the Concept Schools community. For more info please visit:

What does Concept Schools do for Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown?

Concept Schools started Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown in the 2010-2011 school year with 135 students.

Concept Schools has been providing educational and financial assistance and guidance for HSA-DD since its foundation. The school implements Concept Schools Educational Model and uses Concept Schools customized state of the art online database.

Concept Schools assists HSA-DD with its science fair activities and arranges HSA-DD’s participation in International Science Project and Olympiads.

Concept Schools offer OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment) practices four times a year. They analyze the results and make them available to the students and parents through its online database. The practice tests helped a lot with preparing HSA-DD’s students for the actual tests that took place in the month of May 2011.

Concept Schools holds monthly administrators meetings and makes sure that HSA-DD stays in compliance with its charter and works cooperatively with its sponsor Buckeye Hope Foundation.

CS Academic Team provides site visits every other month to make sure HSA-DD staff’s and administrators’ needs are met in regards to school governance, personnel, curriculum, professional development and academic issues.

Concept Schools also assists HSA-DD with teacher orientation programs and recruiting highly qualified teachers. Concept Schools also leads HSA-DD to establishing affiliations with neighborhood university colleges and universities.

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