Positive Behavior Intervention

Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies, or PBIS, as we call it, began several years ago as a way to teach good behavior.  We at Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown implemented PBIS in the 2015-2016 school year.  A committee of several staff members met multiple times the previous year  to come up with a customized plan for our school.   We asked our teachers to fill out a survey and express what they thought were our biggest problems and problem areas.  From there we decided on four character traits or pillars HSADD would concentrate on.  They are Cooperation, Acceptance, Respect and Excellence or CARE.  After problem areas in the building were identified, specific behaviors were outlined for each one.  Teachers then spent the first few weeks of school teaching the expected behavior to students.  All this information was put on banners which hang around the school at the entrance, hallways, bathrooms, classrooms and are painted on the cafeteria walls.  We hope this will be a constant reminder to students of the behavior that is expected while at school.  Grades K-3 earn tickets for displaying the correct behaviors.  Each Friday tickets are drawn and prizes are awarded during lunch.   Grades 4-8 were given a pizza party in December for collecting 300 tickets.  Gift cards to Scene 75 were also given out.  Next time you are in the building check out our banners to see what your child is learning.

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