Students from across Ohio gather to show projects, meet with legislators

COLUMBUS, OH 5/19/15– Horizon Schools hosted students from 14 schools at the Statehouse yesterday for STEM project day.

Students showed science projects ranging from a machine that created a tornado from dry ice to a 3-D printing demonstration to a life size hover craft powered by leaf blowers.  Elementary, middle and high school students from Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland and Youngstown participated.

Legislators, legislative staff, parents, teachers and State Auditor David Yost took in the presentations and discussed projects with the students.

Columbus area communications manager Kristin Sony helped organize the event.

“This is our second year at the statehouse and we’ve found that the legislators really enjoy getting to know the kids and see their work,” Sony said. “The hovercraft is always popular and this year Auditor Yost seemed to truly enjoy a demonstration about magnetic acceleration.”

Regional Superintendent for Columbus Horizon Schools David Disli says that the event took on a different air this year after months of complaints from anti-charter school forces and being cleared by the Department of Education.

“We did this event last year before the complaints started and we wanted to keep it going for the sake of the students who work hard on their projects,” Sony said. “And it was important for legislators to meet and talk with Horizon students instead of only hearing from and taking the word of people with a political ax to grind.”

Horizon schools have long taken a lead in STEM education in Ohio.  In April, they hosted their 12th annual CONSEF science and engineering fair in Cleveland featuring over 800 attendees and 26 “best in class” award winners.

Several of those set up at the statehouse on Monday were CONSEF participants.

For more information about Horizon Schools, visit ConceptSchools.org. For information about CONSEF visit www.CONSEF.org




Cincinnati, OH   February 4, 2015 –  On Tuesday, February 3rd, Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati hosted the Regional Spelling Bee.  Spellers in grades third – eighth came from all four schools in the region to compete.  All of the schools had already held a school spelling bee and sent those top spellers to the Regional Bee.  There was some really tough competition this year!

The Regional Spelling Bee was organized by the Spelling Bee Coordinator in Cincinnati, Ms. Heather Wiseman.  She created two groups, grades three through five competed first and then grades six through eight competed after lunch.  Once the first group had their numbers on and the rules of the Spelling Bee were explained, which were the same as the National Script Spelling Bee, the spelling bonanza was underway!

During the third through fifth grade bee, many students worked extremely hard to sound out their words and use their knowledge of spelling patterns!  The spellers went through sixteen rounds before there was a winner declared!  Each of the schools who competed had a student in the top three finalists.  Caleb Strayhorn, a fifth grader from Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati, received first place for his spelling of the word “electric”.  The second place medal went Ozzhan Makhmudov, a fifth grader from Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown.  Third placed was awarded to Chase Fisher, a fifth grader from Horizon Science Academy Dayton Elementary.

During the sixth through eighth grade bee, the competition got really intense!  It took almost thirty rounds to get a winner!  The top three spellers had to continue spelling for many rounds because that championship word was so elusive. Finally after all of the rounds, joys, and frustrations, Paradize Black spelled her championship word “grizzled” correctly!  Paradize is a seventh grader from Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati.  Second place went again to a student from Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown, a sixth grader, Khadiza Kuchiyev.  Third was awarded to MiAsia Booker, a seventh grader from Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati.

All of the spellers in the competition worked their very hardest to spell their words correctly and we applaud their efforts!  Congratulations to all of the spellers who were the best from their individual schools and got to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee!   Special congratulations go to our top three spellers in each of the groups!


















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